position: absolute is all about design: web design, digital art, and the technology that goes with it. We hope to provide you with valuable know-how and insight into creative processes and web standards, along with inspirational sources.

We’re not interested in posting the freshest, latest news, there are plenty of sites that do that. Instead, we focus on well-written articles around the web, with valuabe information, no matter when they were published. Thus the name. ;)

position: absolute is updated on a random basis, though we try to update every few days. You can also stay up-to-date by subscribing to our RSS feed.

About the Author

position: absolute is the side project of graphic designer Jerome Dahdah. I have been in the web design and digital art field for about 8 years, focussing on quality design, thoughtful user guidance and modern, accessible web standards. I am known in the digital art scene under the pseudonym parasight.

Quick History

position: absolute was started just for kicks to gather some experience with the excellent WordPress suite. Since then, it has grown into an extensive collection of quick and to-the-point articles that provide inspirational and technical sources for beginning and advanced designers.

Got a good link?

We’re always looking for new material. If you find something you think would fit on position: absolute, feel free to let us know! You will be credited.

Technical & Content License

The theme is based on a strongly modified Kubrick theme. The design in its entirety is ©2006 of Jerome Dahdah and may not be copied or modified in any way. The articles are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

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