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position: absolute goes nude

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

cssnakedday07.gifYup, you read correctly. It’s CSS Naked Day, where sites all across the intarwebs drop their pants and go nude for a day. The point? To promote web standards, proper markup and a clean semantic structure of content. And since we’re firm believers in all of that, position: absolute is joining in on the fun. You’ll note that position: absolute is still completely accessible without all the pretty pixels, and that pretty much sums up why web standards are a Good ThingTM. Text/Braille readers and search engines see it this way pretty much every day.

Our stylesheets are now getting a long deserved back rub, having a few drinks and catching up on the latest episodes of Scrubs. They’ll be back tomorrow, so until then, have a look around and let us know how it went!

Update 2007-04-06: And we’re back to full style glory!

Google, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

Hmpf. Recently, apparently, Google added a captcha feature to their search engine to assure that it wasn’t being abused by bots. It looks like this. So, over the last few weeks, Google has been telling me (from time to time) that I am a bot, and that I must enter the captcha code to enter its great vaults. And so I do. And then right after that, I do it again. And then a third time, for good measure. No Google, no matter how often you tell me, I’m still not a bot, and that psychological trick (telling someone he’s a bot until he believes it) ain’t working on me! So usually after 2-3 codes entered, I get my search results. But not today. Today, my friends, I get nothing:

As of now, I officially have no access to the wonders of Google. They won’t even let me have a captcha. To think of all of the fun I am missing out on, entering weird twisted numbers in a round-based battle of sorts. I wonder if they get harder each round. I even made it to level 6 last time. Is there a final boss? How, oh how, shall we ever find out, if I cannot even search for the answers? Oh great Google, why hast thou forsaken me?

The Worst Videogame Box Covers

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

worstvideogamecovers.jpgJudging a game by its packaging is like judging a book by its cover. Kinda pointless, but let’s face it, we all do that from time to time. So, Captain Obvious will tell us that designing a good game box cover that arouses interest and makes you go “wow, I must leave my money here!” is essential for getting your product out to everyone that doesn’t read game reviews all day. Most covers are pretty clich├ęd, but sometimes, they are so badly designed it’s surprising they were ever let out into the wild. has dug through the archives and come up with 15 of the worst video game covers ever in a hilarious review. I just love the “Irritating Stick” one. Simply brilliant.

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