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GridIron Flow: File Management for Busy Designers

Monday, February 11th, 2008

GridIron Flow
GridIron Software (known for their render software Nucleo Pro for After Effects) are developing a very promising new product: Flow, a work flow management application for designers. “Oh great, like I have time for that”, you might be thinking. It’s true, most of us just want to create and not worry about organization (personally, I hate tagging files), and really, who has the time? And this is exactly where Flow promises to help: you don’t need to change anything about your current work methods. Flow runs in the background and monitors everything you do in creative applications (especially Adobe tools), doing everything automatically and invisibly without a single interaction on your side needed. It knows which files belong to a project, from which files you copied assets to other files and the implications on a project if you change (or delete) a file, what fonts are needed, etc. It does automatic versioning (like Apple’s Time Machine). It even lets you easily create packages of all the files necessary to pass them on to third parties with ease. Their guided tour explains all of this in more detail, I suggest having a look.

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