24 Ways to Impress Your Friends

December 2nd, 2005 by Jerome Dahdah

24 Ways to Impress Your FriendsI don’t care much for advent calendars myself, but this is one I think I’ll enjoy: 24 Ways to Impress Your Friends. Every day, they’re offering one new tutorial on standards based web ownage, starting with 1337 Ajax sk1llz and typographical finesse.

4 Responses to “24 Ways to Impress Your Friends”

  1. Kayzah says:

    I’ve read two of the CSS-Section and think it’s quite cool stuff! Thanks for your nice Article.

    ehem… so i got something to do at the holiday weaks, huh?
    Learning Popearning… :D

  2. JackDirtt says:

    It should be 24 ways to impress your uber geeky friends. Useful stuff though.

  3. Jerry says:

    Hehe, geeky or not, it’s good stuff. :)

  4. Another 24 Ways To Impress Your Friends | position: absolute says:

    […] One new tutorial per day, up until Christmas. You’ll find last year’s archive here. PermalinkFiled in: CSS | Design | Semantics |Scripting  […]

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