Adobe Announces CS3 With More Apps Than Ever / Creative Suite Feature Overview

March 27th, 2007 by Jerome Dahdah

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master CollectionToday, Adobe offically announced Creative Suite 3, to date their largest release ever. The suite will be available in 6 editions, catered to different needs: web, design, video, or the full package. The full Master Collection spans a total of 14 applications with additional helpers such as Bridge and Device Central. According to the press release, prices for the new packages will range between approx. $1599 and $2499. European buyers beware, it seems we’ll be paying much higher prices over here.

It appears Adobe has put a lot of focus on seamlessly merging the ex-Macromedia applications with their own products. Additionally, Photoshop will be available in 2 editions, CS3 and CS3 Extended. ImageReady has been dropped completely, its features being integrated into Photoshop and Fireworks.

Here are a few (of many) new highlights featured on the Adobe site:

  • Photoshop: Smart filters for applying filters nondestructively. Quick Selection tool: loosely paint your selection and Photoshop finds the proper edges. Auto-align layers to create composites of multiple images based on similar content.
  • Photoshop Extended: Import 3D models and paint textures directly onto them. Measurement tools in 3D space. Edit movies: paint and clone over multiple video frames.
  • Dreamweaver: Complete integration of the Spry framework for AJAX applications and effects. Integration of the Adobe CSS Advisor website, highlighting browser compatibility issues and offering the hacks that go with them.
  • Device Central: see how your products (websites, flash, videos) appear in handheld devices, such as mobile phones.
  • Flash: Includes the new CS3 interface and Illustrator path tools. Converts timeline animations to ActionScript 3.0 for use on multiple objects.
  • Illustrator: New eraser tool, similar to the one in Flash. New crop tool to define multiple crop areas for exporting to different media. New color palette to create harmonious color combinations.
  • InDesign: Place multiple files at once, visual page thumbnails, advanced table styles, rule-based XML importing for document generation (sort of like form letters in Microsoft Word — about time!).
  • After Effects: Create 3D models of your 2D photos in After Effects with the help of Photoshop’s Vanishing Point. New “puppet tool” for character animation. Brainstorm for animation suggestions.
  • Soundbooth: New audio editor, has a visual “healing” tool similar to that in Photoshop to pinpoint and remove specific sounds (such as a ringing phone in the background).

That and a completely overhauled interface. The integration of all the applications among each other has become a lot tighter (common interface, importing, copy&pasting, workflow, preserved layers, objects and editability, etc.).

Check out the product features on the CS3 website if you’re interested in seeing the mentioned features in action. Get inside info on Photoshop on John Nack’s blog (Senior Product Manager at Adobe, but without the market speak, and with critical opinions of Adobe where due).

I for one am looking forward to Adobe Live 2007 in Cologne, Germany.
Let me know if you’ll be there!

5 Responses to “Adobe Announces CS3 With More Apps Than Ever / Creative Suite Feature Overview”

  1. Kayzah says:

    »new packages will range between approx. $1599 and $2499. European buyers beware, it seems we’ll be paying much higher prices over here.«

    LOL, there are ways to getting it cheaper ^^

  2. Rob says:

    I can’t say the new drag and drop spry ajax format is a good thing. It just makes it that much harder for professional web developers to be creative.

    I guess I should look on the bright side of things at least front page is discontinued.

  3. Jerry says:

    Yes, Microsoft’s FrontPage is discontinued, but it will be replaced by new applications. While Dreamweaver has become the flagship web product at Adobe, their own GoLive has not been given up yet, as they are planning to release version 9 as a stand-alone product (scroll down to The future of Adobe GoLive).

  4. Kayzah says:

    Even is talking about the new cs3 suite:

  5. Adobe Live 2007 in Review | position: absolute says:

    […] new CS3 applications. Most of the features presented can be seen on the Adobe site (or summarized here), although it was good to see the tools used in context. Apart from product presentations, some […]

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