Adobe Live 2007 in Review / Impressions

May 24th, 2007 by Jerome Dahdah

Adobe LiveWell, 2 days of the Adobe Live 2007 conference are now over and I’m absolutely exhausted. Hey Adobe, next time get a place with some air conditioning! Complaints aside, the event had some good highlights that I’d like to get into.

CS3 Presentations and Insightful Lectures
CS3 Presentations and Insightful LecturesA majority of the event was — naturally — about the new CS3 applications. Most of the features presented can be seen on the Adobe site (or summarized here), although it was good to see the tools used in context. Apart from product presentations, some non-Adobe-centric lectures were held by award winning designers such as Erik Spiekermann, Robin Preston, and Uli Staiger, where they talked about design theories in general and showed off their portfolios, along with interesting walk-throughs of some of their work (breaking down their illustrations into Photoshop layers, techniques and all). My personal favorites were the After Effects lectures where some friendly folks showed the project files of some commercial TV spots. A lot of the material they used was surprisingly basic, just massively adjusted in AE and Photoshop… makes you feel like you can just go out with a consumer videocam and make the next VW clip. I’m sure Adobe welcomes that train of thought. ;)

The Evangelist
Jason LevineIf you ever get the chance to see Adobe evangelist Jason Levine present: do it. The guy’s highly entertaining, and an evangelist in the true sense of the word, constantly spreading his arms high into the skies and proclaiming he’s “healed the audio, my dear friends. Isn’t it amazing?”. I’m sure John Nack could fill us in with some fun anecdotes on Jason. *nudge*

Apple’s Omnipresence
Apple Training Apple was clearly a large sponsor of the event, and while their logo wasn’t present in the flyers and presentations along with the others, they had their donated 8-core Mac Pros all over the place: it still came down to seeing Apple logos everywhere. They also had a moderated hands-on training area with 24″ iMacs, some 40 of them I think… such a lovely sight.

Gadget Fun
Space Navigator 3D There were a handful of partner companies displaying their products, such as, of course, Wacom. Everytime I play with that Cintiq, it gets more and more attractive. My personal favorite gadget was the 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator. This little thing works alongside your mouse and keyboard and offers a very intuitive way to navigate applications such as Photoshop. Its real strength, however, lies in 3D work, where you can easily maneuver through 3D space. I know this must sound like an ad, but I genuinely enjoyed working with it, and with its low price tag I’m considering getting one.

Erik Spiekermann (and the Second Life Scandal)
Erik SpiekermannI had the pleasure of meeting Erik Spiekermann before he held his lecture. He was standing around in front of the Adobe stand looking somewhat lost so I approached him and we had a little chat. When I asked him about the Second Life Meta Font ordeal, he didn’t give me much information for legal reasons, but I know that there were some legal (and expensive) repercussions for Linden Labs. As every year, Spiekermann’s lecture was a blast and had nearly everyone in the room in tears. Gotta give it to the man, he’s funny and brings it to the point.

Adobe Live Blog
Adobe Live BlogIf you’d like some more information on the event, check out the official Adobe Live Blog, which was possible thanks to the hard work of fellow blogger Dirk Metzmacher of the Photoshop-Weblog. Most of it’s in German, but you can see some general impressions of the event in this video.

Friendly greetings go out to fellow bloggers Kai of, with whom I spent the better half of the event running from lecture to lecture, as well as Bigod and Dirk, who I met during the two days.

Adobe Live 2007 photos are shot by Jan Metzmacher / © 2007 Adobe Systems Inc.

One Response to “Adobe Live 2007 in Review / Impressions”

  1. joao says:

    owo! that’s seams like a lot of fun! I wish i could be in an event like that!

    Glad you where there ;)

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