Apple, Google and You

March 13th, 2008 by Jerome Dahdah

Apple, Google and You

I just love this so much. It reminds me of this as well. (via)

10 Responses to “Apple, Google and You”

  1. Rob says:

    From day one I have it burned into my head by teachers and peers that simplicity is best. In fact I think I am the reason they invented the phrase keep it simple stupid.

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  3. UI Design | says:

    […] The strip was posted here, i found it on this blog […]

  4. computerchick says:

    Uh… what’s the point? how do you expect a company to enter client information into an internal database for tracking??? Client tracking is complicated. You can’t compare it to google… this a rather dumb comic, if that is what it’s suppose to be.

  5. Andy says:


    Google’s front page may look like that, but just try signing up for Adsense or Analytics or something. They soon bring out the big forms.

  6. Atro says:

    100% agreed, once you subscribe to serious side of google, you see the true inside.

    Funny comic tho

  7. jurgen says:

    so true… touch, find and complicated… wysiwyg

  8. Nyah says:

    I could make a splash page for my apps that have a touch button, I could also write a simple keyword search for a database frontend, but being that I’m not googling “man gets in in groin with football” and I am writing apps to be used for database management… I think I’d like a little more information available on screen then “TOUCH”

  9. Nyah says:


  10. RedEye says:

    Даа… Ну у вас либо талант писать, либо это скопировано откуда-то! :)

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