Apple’s New Animated OS

June 9th, 2007 by Jerome Dahdah

Core AnimationIf you’re anything like me, you eat up every update on new Apple products when they’re served. To those of you who checked out the new features that the next version of Mac OS X, Leopard, has to offer, I’m willing to bet the Core Animation tab on the Apple website was the least interesting. Well, it may actually be the most interesting bit.

Wired Magazine discusses Core Animation and some of the new possibilities for a new paradigm of user interface design, as well as the concerns involved when moving away from the standards we’ve learned over the past two decades.

A worthy mention of these types of interfaces could be disc burning software Disco, which emits realistic-looking smoke while burning, controllable by blowing into your microphone. Another (more useful) form of non-standard UI design can be found in Delicious Library, which depicts your media collection on “real” book shelves.

Apple’s own iTunes offers Cover Flow, and the new Time Machine and Spaces features of OS X Leopard will be using Core Animation.

I think we’ll find out more about Core Animation and OS X Leopard today, as the WWDC 2007 Keynote held by Steve Jobs starts in about 5 hours as of the writing of this post.

Update: Apparently, all these neat new apps have found together, the developers forming a movement that calls itself the Delicious Generation. Alrighty, why not.

Update again: looks like Apple broke a link during its website relaunch last night. The original Core Animation page is gone, but a video can be seen on YouTube.

2 Responses to “Apple’s New Animated OS”

  1. Rob says:

    Hey wait until you own one, it will be even more thrilling! Or better yet two!

  2. joao says:

    Think about Core Animation more like the Easy Animation Kit(that runs on the GPU) that makes Developing such nice applications even more easy than playing with flash =).

    It’s good for the consumer because it allows developers to create better and more eye candy applications. I have seen the keynote movies for the developers talking about how to use it and it’s quite amazing.

    It’s a the technology, you will see it in Time Machine, in Cover Flow in the new Finder and in the screensaver in the Stacks animation.. it allows applications and development to get serious about graphics since it not only allows you to work on simple images but also movies and 3d objecs.

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