Brands of the World

October 11th, 2005 by Jerome Dahdah

Brands of the WorldTo most designers, this will sound familiar: you need the logo of a certain company. Googling will bring up plenty of tiny logo.gifs, but none of them are really very usable. Wouldn’t it be sweet to have the logo in a vector format?

What I usually do is search for PDFs on the company’s website, and then extract the vector logos from the PDF via Illustrator. Your best bet would be to search for an annual report, that’s how I found the logo for Cosmopolitan lately. I had to research the publisher, via their site find the Cosmopolitan media kit, and on that site then find a suitable PDF. It works, but it takes precious time.

Enter Brands of the World. The site lets you search for logos of any company, and if it’s there, you can download it in a high-quality vector format. You can also upload your own logos, or any other official vector logos you might happen to have laying around. I was surprised to see that searching for the logo of one of my company’s customers not only turned up the logo, but a whole round of their certification marks. I even found the logo of our local soccer team. The site really is packed full.

As a nice extra feature, the site also lets you download a number of official logo guidelines.

I could have saved a lot of time if I had known about the site earlier, as a quick search turns up the result I needed.

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