Click the Color / 30 vs. 60 FPS

October 13th, 2005 by Jerome Dahdah

Hey designers, here’s a tricky little game to train your visual senses, color recognition and reaction skills (oh, and it’s fun, too): Click the Color. It could do without the soundtrack, though, in my humble opinion. ;)

A little off-topic, but rather close none the less, is the following noteworthy article*: 30. vs. 60 FPS. Joshua Walrath smashes the common notion that the human eye can’t distinguish more that 30 FPS. In this insightful article, he explains a few interesting facts about how our eyes work and interact with the brain and highlights our built-in “motion blur” system. Definately worth a read.

*It’s actually the third section of the article but I find it to be the most relevant. The full things starts here.

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