CMS Zen Garden

November 26th, 2005 by Jerome Dahdah

Yeah, you read right, it’s the CMS Zen Garden: CSS Toolshed. Similar to the famous CSS Zen Garden and the recent CSS Table Gallery, Toolshed promises to show how well CSS is suited for complete CMS-driven websites by means of user-submitted stylesheets.

This will show enterprise level CMS vendors that CSS can be used on a professional level (not only for smaller sites and blogs) and it gives CSS designers the chance to show that their skills go beyond designing an HTML document that was especially marked up to be style-able.

You’d think it’s a given nowadays, but even modern open source CMS’ such as Mambo/Joomla still rely on tables for layout.

CSS Toolshed until now only has one design according to creator Chris Heilman. This is where you come in. Start submitting your designs!

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