Connection Problems and the Reality Cycle

November 13th, 2006 by Jerome Dahdah

"Freiheit" by Jerome DahdahPlease excuse the lack of updates the last days, I’ve been having problems with my ISP, had no net connection for the last 4 days. To add some icing to the cake of lacking updates, I’m going to get off-topic shortly.

You know, it’s funny. Whenever the net goes down, you realize how dependent of the damn thing you’ve really become. All kinds of stuff you want to look up but just can’t. (Hell, even when I’m reading a book, I find things so interesting I want to look them up on Wikipedia.)
No emails, no IM, no wasting time on YouTube, no checking train timetables, no blogs, nothing.

Then you start to realize, “Hey, this is great”… there are another thousand things you could be doing instead in the “real world”, that you haven’t done in ages. So you do that to kill time, and it’s great. Then you make a vow to unplug your net connection for at least a week when it’s back and see what else you can get done. But I never really do that. I get right back on the net, and the next time it’s down, the whole cycle starts over again. But as bad as it sounds, I do have a pleasant social life, and it’s not the Web 2.0 kind. So, does any of this sound familiar?

One Response to “Connection Problems and the Reality Cycle”

  1. Taylor says:

    Sounds so familiar its scary. I tried turning off my computer till after lunch one day. Cant do it. I was almost haveing a panic attack cause I couldn’t get to emails.


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