February 9th, 2006 by Jerome Dahdah

CoversBook Covers is a wonderful gallery of book cover design.

Each book cover is supplemented with info on its respective designer, publisher, author and a short commentary by site creator Ben Pieratt. There is also a small features section. If you like, you can also join in on discussions of every cover. Very inspiring gallery, thanks Ben!

2 Responses to “Covers”

  1. jackdirt says:

    Actually looked through that a great collection.

    On another note e-mail me soemtime I’d love to catch up with me old mate.

    Pax Vobiscum

  2. Classic Penguin Book Covers | position: absolute says:

    […] Penguin Books covers on Flickr. Have a look here. For more book covers, check this out as well. PermalinkFiled in: Miscellaneous |Design  […]

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