CSS Table Gallery

September 25th, 2005 by Jerome Dahdah

CSS Table Gallery

Following the steps of the CSS Zen Garden, the recently launched CSS Table Gallery aims to display how the power of CSS can be used to make boring data tables look just as good as the rest of a site. It’s still a small collection, but it does sport a few highlights already. You’re invited to submit your own.

On a side note, it also shows that using semantic, accessible markup (such as <caption>, <th>, <tbody>, etc.) can give you more hooks to design things like headers seperately. It’s a win-win situation for both accessibility as well as design.

One Response to “CSS Table Gallery”

  1. joao says:

    This is a nice source of inspiration for the begginers many more things can be archived with tables, i see this as a “prove of concept” and reminder that tables are usefull and can be makedup with css.

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