eCommerce With Style

March 19th, 2007 by Jerome Dahdah

Shopping CartDesigning a small niche online shop can offer you, as a designer, a lot more creative freedom than an behemoth site such as Amazon ever could. You are creating a design for a fairly defined target group, in contrast to a neutral one-size-fits-all solution that needs to work for anyone of any age group. Let’s stick with Amazon as an example: Amazon could never switch to a far-out grungy look, as it would turn away a large portion of its potential customers and completely misrepresent 99% of the products it is selling, while a sneaker site would thrive exactly on that style. Design Meltdown has collected an array of visually appealing eCommerce websites (part 2 here) that take advantage of that artistic freedom and perhaps offer us a bit of inspiration for our next projects.

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