Font Management Tools

September 29th, 2005 by Jerome Dahdah

Looking for a good font manager? I’ve got one for the Mac and one for Windows.

Linotype, one of the major players in the history of typesetting, has just brought out FontExplorer X, a professional font manager for Mac OS X that will look perplexingly familiar to anyone who is used to iTunes. Among its unique features, it offers auto-activation of missing fonts, provided they are somewhere on your computer. Browse your fonts with freely customizable previews. Integrate with Spotlight. Discover new fonts online. View comprehensive information on your fonts. It’s all there.

You don’t have a Mac? Typograf for Windows offers an excellent overview for all your fonts. I use this one personally and I love it. Browse directories recursively, previewing all your fonts side by side with a text of your choice. This often helps me find the right typeface for a certain job. View and edit all kinds of information on a specific font. Compare fonts. View font metrics and complete kerning tables. Catalog and group your fonts. Typograf also offers a reference on font classification and history, and offers advice on font selection. Typograf works along with ATM.

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