Free SVG Vector Images

February 20th, 2007 by Jerome Dahdah

Free SVG Vector ImagesIf you’re curious as to what the open source SVG vector format is capable of, then have a look at these free SVG images. The vectors are free for download, and created with Inkscape, which is, by chance, also open source. And this is only a glimpse of what can be done, if you have a look at the screenshots.

6 Responses to “Free SVG Vector Images”

  1. ufowebfactory says:

    hi, thanks for post a blog-page dedicated to me!!!

  2. eli says:

    ma tesoro!!! sei te qui e sei il mitooooo!!!

  3. fra says:

    diventerà famoso?????è gia famosoooooo!really the best

  4. jackdirt says:

    I used inkscape a while back. Great app a little buggy but it has features even illustrator can’t touch.

  5. stelt says:

    The files are tar.gz , not the most friendly format to Joe Average. If they only contain one SVG file i advise you to just serve the .svg(z) file

    Looking at the little rastered versions on your page i say: “nice drawings”!

  6. ufowebfactory says:

    thanks for the council, now the files are svgz.

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