Great Artists Recycle: iPhone & Braun Calculators

August 7th, 2007 by Jerome Dahdah

iPhone & 1977 Braun Calculator
Nice little discovery by Oyayubizoku: there is some striking similarity between the iPhone’s calculator app and Braun’s 1970s-era calculators. Before someone accuses Apple of design theft, however, it appears that this calculator is actually a part of Apple’s own history: the Apple Collection shows an almost identical, co-branded calculator.

Erik Spiekermann, in his own words a Braun collector, puts up a few images of a 1962 Braun T100 world receiver that clearly appears to have inspired Apple’s design style. For the type geeks among us, he also notes that the iPhone version uses Helvetica for its buttons, while the Braun calculator uses its older sister Akzidenz Grotesk.

2 Responses to “Great Artists Recycle: iPhone & Braun Calculators”

  1. Kayzah says:

    I think the default number in a calculator should always be 1337.

  2. Jerry says:

    I wholeheartedly agree.

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