Please Help Ecocho – “You Search. We Grow Trees.”

April 23rd, 2008 by Jerome Dahdah

Ecocho - “You Search. We Grow Trees.” Hot off the presses: Ecocho is a new search engine that delivers Yahoo! and Google search results with a twist: for every 1000 searches, they plant two trees through government verified programs. So you’re getting the same service as before, and you’re helping the environment with zero effort. The project is funded by the advertising that comes along with Google’s and Yahoo’s custom search solutions. I think the idea is brilliant (and so simple I wish I had thought of it), and I’ve already made it my default Firefox search plugin.

Ecocho needs our help

Unfortunately, only a few days after the launch, Google decided to block Ecocho from access to their results.

Google chose today – Earth Day, of all days – to pull their feed from Ecocho. They claim that Ecocho has broken the adsense rules, but Ecocho has never directed users to click on ads (as Google suggests) and Ecocho has not only always respected the adsense rules but also believes strongly in them for Ecocho to succeed. We need genuine Ecocho users to make the project work!

They ask that people head over to their blog for the full scope, maybe leave a comment, and if you’re feeling really social, email Google from the email address on those pages (there are petition letters on the page also) to voice your concerns. Please tell your family and friends also if you think they would care about the Ecocho cause.

7 Responses to “Please Help Ecocho – “You Search. We Grow Trees.””

  1. Anna says:

    Nice site!
    Parabéns e continue.

  2. Wendy says:

    I never heard of this new search engine but I will defintely start using it if my searches are going help the environment. I love this idea and it really upsets me that Google is not working with them to help the environment. Hopefully the people will be heard and Google will open their results back up to them.

  3. website design says:

    me too never heard before about ecocho, but i am just starting to searching my info through it. yes it will be more effective if google will accept it too.

  4. mirc says:

    Thanks for your post

  5. Balashka says:

    Все-таки по-настоящему нравится мне Ваш блог. Всегда интересно читать, включая эту тему. :)

  6. Kayz0r says:

    It was so hard to fell all these trees! And now you’re coming and telling me, with every 1000 searches they plant 2(!) trees??! C’mooooon -______-
    — Kayz0r

  7. Kayz0r says:

    … I mean, Parasight… WTF???!

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