I Have a Book Fetish

May 5th, 2007 by Jerome Dahdah

Well, a small one, and hey, books are inspiring. And no, it’s not THAT kind of fetish, I just love reading. :) Kai from Stylespion passed this along to me and asked me to answer it, so here goes.

What would life be like without reading?
A lot less colorful and creative. Nothing spurs your imagination as much as a book. Movies are great, but most of the thinking and imagining is done for you. Plus, I believe authors are the true sculptures of our future, since we tend to reconstruct those things that they have imagined in the past.

Hardcover or paperback?
Paperback. More convenient to handle, and takes up less space on the shelf.

Amazon or book store?
I’m more the Amazon type. Book stores are great but I get stuck in there for hours flipping through every second book on the shelves. The worst are the discount tables, where I will spend an hour just rummaging through the books until I find a few gems among the crud to take with me.

Bookmark or dog-ear?
Ah! Bookmark! I’d rather skim through the book guessing my previous position than fold the corners of my book’s pages. I use whatever I find, be that a business card or a shopping list.

Sorted by author, title or unsorted?
I sort my shelves via type of book (general reference books, design-related books, fiction, art books). Within the categories, I sort them via size, tallest to shortest. Yes, I like the staircase-effect. :)

Keep, throw away or sell finished books?
Keep. I “collect”, which basically means I buy more than I can read. I’ve even given myself an Amazon-ban until I finish reading everything I have, but I just can’t stick to it. :)

Keep book jacket or throw away?
Now why would I wanna throw that away? Does anyone?

Keep book jacket on while reading?
No, they’re inconvenient and tend to tear in my backpack.

Short-story or novel?
Whatever I can get my hands on, but more likely novels and reference books.

Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket?
Don’t know that Lemon fellow, but I’d pick Harry anyways, since Harry Potter brought me back to reading after my wild youth was coming to a close. I read loads as a child, but in my teens partying, girls and alcohol were more important than reading, naturally.
I have that balanced out well, now. ;)

Stop when you’re tired or when the chapter is over?
I generally try to complete chapters, even if my eyelids want to pick a fight.

Buy or borrow?
Since I collect, I usually buy. But yeah, I borrow too.

New or second-hand?
I prefer new, though in the end the content is all that matters.

Do you buy based on: bestseller lists, reviews, recommendations or just browsing?
All of the above, except for bestseller lists. Most of the books I read generally aren’t the most popular, and thus, not as dumbed down (or so I like to think), so I don’t pay attention to bestseller lists.

“The End” or cliffhangers?
Bah, cliffhangers are frustrating.

Read in the morning, afternoon or at night?
At night, when I have time. Otherwise any time of day when I am traveling with the train, along with music in my ears.

Single volume or series?
Single books. I like variety. If it must be a series, then something by Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett.

Favorite Series?
Discworld novels, though I haven’t read any this year yet.

Favorite book that seemingly nobody has heard of yet?
Anything by Selim Özdogan.

Favorite book of the last year?
Anything by Selim Özdogan. Seriously, this guy is amazing, it’s like he can read your mind or something, the most human and embarrassingly honest stories I’ve ever read.

Which book are you currently reading?
I can never read only one:
Neal Stephenson – The Diamond Age
NLP: The New Technology of Achievement

Favorite book of all time?
No idea. Lots. Possibly the Illuminatus Trilogy, which is highly entertaining, or E.A. Poe’s Selected Tales, with its beautiful use of the English language. Or yeah, again, anything by Selim Özdogan. I wish they’d translate those to English.

Alright, that’s that. I pass this on to Rob, Michael, Zana, Freddy, and Ben. If anyone else reading this wants to participate, go ahead and let me know!

4 Responses to “I Have a Book Fetish”

  1. Rob says:

    I too suffer from a book addiction. I buy books far faster than I can read them. I am currently reading How to be a graphic designer, without losing your soul. I must buy at least one book a week, makes for a great library.

    One thing i would suggest is taking a few speed reading courses. Helped me tons. No this isn’t a plug; but when you have a lot of books reading fast helps. I actually did this free online one and increased my reading speed by 25% http://www.rocketreader.com/demo/flashDemo.html

  2. Jerry says:

    Hey Rob, thanks for the tip. I was going to look into speed reading, I think there is also a section on that in the NLP book I mentioned above. I’ll have a look.

  3. Wulfenlord says:

    Meh, I thought you’d rub yourself all over with kinky design-pamphlets at night.

    It’d be too much for me to give a sum-up of my recent readings (most of it being philosophic essays and whatnot, but I made myself a sport to find every book that reads ‘The NEW Pratchett/Adams/Python…’ on the back. It’s never-ending).

    And to be cynical on your particular post (you knew that was coming), I’d say that you will have no problem finishing the ‘series’ by Douglas Adams.

  4. Jerry says:

    Like I said, not THAT kind of fetish. ;)

    Well, HHGTTG was sort of a series, albeit not a long one and the single volumes were more intertwined than one comes to expect from a regular series. But yeah, still a series, and I finished reading it rather quickly.

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