IE8 Beta 1 Available for Download Now

March 6th, 2008 by Jerome Dahdah

IE8 Well, after a painful 6 year wait between IE6 and IE7, it’s refreshing to see a first version of IE8 already available for download. Developers can go crazy testing the new and improved CSS 2.1 compatibility, and a bunch of other things most people probably won’t need (but they’re probably nice to have none-the-less). As expected, SVG support is still missing, but at least the browser may finally be catching up on the basic standards. For one thing, they are dropping the hasLayout issues according to this article.

7 Responses to “IE8 Beta 1 Available for Download Now”

  1. Billy says:

    Internet Explorer 8 Beta – another great Microsoft Product (like IE 5; 5.5; 6).

  2. niki dan says:

    well, i had a big disappointment with IE 8. if you dare to use the copy paste combination from IE 8 to other programe or reverse you shall receive the send error window. a big shit with a new face. nothing coming from this Microsoft guys seems to work well from the start. remember the blue window from the big launching ball of Win98? i still hope they will do something right from the start. and guys, sincerely speaking i don’t have a big nothing PC dreatfully installed and configured. i am an IT guy so i know very well how to test something before having an opinion about it ( for exemple i searched and test it the free antivirus i am using now for 3 months before recommending it to my clients ). have a nice PC whatever you are!

  3. Jerry says:

    Well Niki, as an IT guy you should know that beta software will be buggy.

  4. Kayzah says:

    Fuck Microsoft!

  5. martin says:


  6. aljuk says:

    IE8 cant even handle absolute positioning properly. What a joke!

  7. Jerry says:

    @akjuk: [citation needed]

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