Surface: The New Old Way of Interaction

May 31st, 2007 by Jerome Dahdah

The freshly unveiled project Microsoft Surface just might redefine the way we use computers. Surface takes the good old real-life method of interacting with everyday objects and puts that on screen. It’s basically a coffee table with a 30″ flatscreen as the tabletop, controlled by a multi-touch sensor. No more need for a mouse or keyboard, everything appears to be very intuitive and allows multiple simultaneous users at once. A few of these features will also be found in the upcoming Apple iPhone, and movie-goers will undoubtedly be reminded of the movie Minority Report. If Microsoft stays on schedule, we’ll be seeing the first of these babies out in the wild around the end of this year. Might take a while to reach your living room, though, unless you have $10000 to spare. Prices are expected to go down significantly in the following 5 years.

Another very similar approach can be found in the research of Perceptive Pixel, Inc. Check out the following video for some really awesome computer interaction.

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Got some ideas for new applications? Concerns? Let me know what you think!

4 Responses to “Surface: The New Old Way of Interaction”

  1. ElectroSpaceRanger says:

    good to see that ms paint made it into this 2015 vision…

  2. joao says:

    I dont know if you saw, All Things digital. It featured an interview with Steve Jobs from Apple, and Bill Gates from Microsoft.

    One of the things that Steve Jobs said, related to the end of the pc. And called the iphone a post-pc (if i am not mistaken). Refering to the pc as been very retalient. Pcs have been predicted to be in it’s end.

    And the future is the end of the pc as we know it, that’s a fact. More and more we are finding new ways of doing things easier and with better things.

    Interfaces that work with you, and not interfaces that you have to make them do things for you.

    Oh.. if only i could live some extra 100 years to see all this nice things yet to come!


  3. Will says:

    Xerox were doing this 10 or 12 years ago; I saw a reference to it in passing in my degree course back in 1997.

  4. Jerry says:

    @Will: It’s a shame they didn’t follow up on it! But then again, they developed the GUI and the mouse only to ditch those. I don’t get it.

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