New Windows Vista Font Just A Rip-Off?

January 9th, 2006 by Jerome Dahdah

The following article is about two years old, but in light of the recent campaign begin for the new Windows Vista, it’s more current than ever. In his article “A Second Helping”, Fredrick Nader brings to light the baffling similarities between Vista’s new default system font, Segoe UI, and Frutiger. Wikipedia states:

According to a report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the owner of the design, Linotype, filed in 2005 a complaint with the European Union’s trademarks and design office in Alicante, Spain, arguing that Microsoft’s Segoe typeface is a plagiarism of Frutiger Next.

One Response to “New Windows Vista Font Just A Rip-Off?”

  1. Joao says:

    If you notice well, you could pick the last OSX Tiger Features and say that they would name what Vista will be.

    MS seams to go after the good ideas and good resources, the fact that in a previous version of their Desktop Search it was almost a messed screenshot of OSX Spotlight..

    Users need this power, I would poke MS and blame for been Evil but.. users will gain a lot from this “copy from good things” they also included a “Expose” alike feature in Vista with a 3D Twist..

    And IE 7 will bring Tabs… MS afirm that they ivented the concept of Tabs…

    Windows users will gain some nice features, let MS think others ideas are OpenSource and OpenOwner..

    How Sad for such a company with so much money invested on research..

    I am Sorry if this was a bit out of Topic.

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