Opera Mini Simulator

November 28th, 2006 by Jerome Dahdah

Opera Mini SimulatorIf you need to test your sites on a mobile phone but you don’t have the possibility (mobile online fees are expensive!), then how about giving Opera’s very own Mini Simulator a try? Naturally, this one only supports Opera Mini, but it renders the page exactly as the real thing does. I’m surprised at what a good job this browser does. Opera Mini renders only the most necessary CSS while leaving the page very readable and easily navigatable. Larger images can be downloaded in their original size or resized exactly to what you would need on your mobile, if, say, you wanted to use it as a background. I’ve tested position: absolute on it and while it reduces it to pure text and links, it does leave the general feel of the site intact, in a “mini” version. A nice addition is the built-in RSS reader. I’m definitely putting this browser on my next phone. Now if someone could please come up with sane mobile online fees…
Update 2009-11-06: new URL

4 Responses to “Opera Mini Simulator”

  1. jackdirt says:

    Wow that is really useful. Thanks

  2. Ben Strackany says:

    Nice … better than Opera’s “small screen” mode.

  3. baxter says:

    the link to opera mini simulator doesn’t work.. have any idea where else i can get it?

    and the googling continues ;)

  4. Jerry says:

    Thanks for letting me know, baxter. I’ve updated the link.

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