Opera Officially Free

September 20th, 2005 by Jerome Dahdah

As of today, the Opera Web Browser is completely free. No more licensing fee, no more ads.

This may or may not be a surprising move after having given away free registration codes to anyone at their 10-year anniversary just a few weeks ago.

3 Responses to “Opera Officially Free”

  1. neckcns says:

    f1r57 p057!!!11!eins

    : )

  2. neckcns says:

    so do the comments have to be in english as well?
    why english at all?
    is this going to be open to the general public?
    to all your english-speaking friends?

    ; d

  3. Jerry says:

    You can reply in whatever language you like, but most readers will appreciate if you stick to English. :)

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