Painting On Speed

June 21st, 2007 by Jerome Dahdah

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No, actually, not that kind of speed. But I made you look. ;) I’m talking speed painting: creating images in a very short time, not paying too much attention to the little details but to the big picture instead, producing some very impressive stuff. Like 24-year-old Argentinian Nico Di Matita, who records his speed paintings, some of them photo-realistic, and puts them on YouTube for your enjoyment and education.
So there you have it, painting on speed, enjoy. (Thanks, Tanja)

2 Responses to “Painting On Speed”

  1. joao says:

    Truly amazing, one really does learn from watching this video. Now I wish I could have that same type of quality in my slow paintings.

  2. Joel Laumans says:

    I’d seen this video before, but its an amazing skill. I love how the guy makes so few mistakes, and his ability to build up the realism in layers

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