Quiz Microsoft’s IE Team Leader

October 23rd, 2006 by Jerome Dahdah

IE7 LogoIn light of last week’s release of Internet Explorer 7, Slashdot is offering us the chance to interview the general manager of the IE7 team. All those questions you’ve been burning to ask over the years of frustration can be asked, and the best ones will be passed on to Dean Hachamovitch for answering. My favorite question so far:

If you adopt FireFox 2.0 as IE8, your boss would be impressed with how much you improved the product in a very short time. My question is: would you take the extra time to remove CSS features from IE8? Thank you and God Bless.

There are lots of serious questions, too. ;) I’ve added a question of my own here.
So then, ask away! (and play nice)

One Response to “Quiz Microsoft’s IE Team Leader”

  1. Kayzah says:

    Like all the icons before, the new IE-icon is ugly as a crack-bitch.

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