Test Your Website on the iPhone

June 28th, 2007 by Jerome Dahdah

Test how your website will appear on the iPhone, in the (supposedly) pixel-perfect iPhone emulator, iPhoney. The iPhoney features the original iPhone-Safari browser interface, and can be rotated to view in landscape mode. So you can go ahead and test a few of those iPhone applications that are already springing up. Mac-only, for now.

5 Responses to “Test Your Website on the iPhone”

  1. Joel Laumans says:

    Nice.. but I would much rather have the iPhone to test it out =)
    Wait… on second though, that means a 2 year contract @ minimum of 50 dollars a month with an extra 300-400$… nevermind..
    I’ll wait for the 2.0 model to come out and then I will buy the old one.. =)

  2. Jerry says:

    It’s a minimum of $60/month even. Total cost of ownership will be around $1974 for the cheapest AT&T package, provided you stay within the boundaries of what the package offers. Quit your contract early and pay a $175 cancellation fee.

    I think it’s still a lot cheaper than the mobile offerings we have in Germany. If I were to use up the same amounts that I could with the $60 package, on a standard o2 Genion account, I’d go bankrupt.

  3. Fubiz says:

    Great application !

  4. iWordPress at notizBlog says:

    […] parasight blog yigg itweb it wong it folk it link it bookmark […]

  5. Justin says:

    The best iPhone simulator comes with the iPhone developer SDK from Apple. As an iPhone owner, I can tell you that it handles rendering, scrolling, and navigation EXACTLY as the iPhone does. You can even simulate compatibility on legacy firmwares. And best of all…it’s completely free. All you need is an Apple ID.

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