Thank You

December 10th, 2007 by Jerome Dahdah

We take a lot of good things in life for granted: health, financial stability, safety… also, up near the top of the list, we take friendships for granted. When is the last time you thanked a friend just for being friend? Or perhaps it’s just uncomfortable to place yourself into those happy mushy situations (I subscribe myself to that category). And it’s a good thing, knowing you can rely on someone no matter what. Still, in the spirit of the upcoming season (and to participate in Kai’s campaign) I’d like to pay tribute to (a few of) the people that enrich my life one way or another. Life wouldn’t be half as great without you folks.

Thank you,

Thomas, for the inspiration and the aura of talent you spread. Having a friend that shares the same passion and taste for design and art makes me look forward to a bright future.

Marc S., for dragging me away from the desk every few weeks and reminding me there is a life outside. This guy gets seriously cranky if he doesn’t boogie at least once a week. ;)

Oliver and Marc K., for passing along so much of their design knowledge to me the past 4 years. I’ve learned a lot from both of you, keep spreading that knowledge! (oh and Marc, thanks for your patience with my countless questions ;)).

Rob for being the best support (and nuttiest American friend) anyone can have in hard times. Also, your perseverance in your work is truly inspiring.

Joao, for being a graceful warrior and friend. This man almost went blind and regained his eyesight through sheer willpower, all the while maintaining a heart of gold. I tip my hat to you.

Simon, for being a friend for life (actually my longest friendship to date). I might never say it but it means a lot to me.

Alright, enough mushy shmushy, now get back to work. ;)

3 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. Joao says:

    Thank you, you have admirable friends and it’s commnon that from times to times you refer to some of us with admiration. You have a gold heart mate. And I already admire many of those people you refer to. You do know how to see the best of someone.

    This reminds me the frist impression I had of you, and that stays still, honest and true to yourself and best of all you speak your mind.


  2. Rob says:

    Thank you, for such a kind sentiment my friend. To say such a thing on the interconnected series of tubes no less how bold!

    You just keep on trucking and good things will continue to happen to you!


  3. Simon says:

    Let’s drink to that sometime.

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