The London 2012 Olympics Logo: What A Mess

June 8th, 2007 by Jerome Dahdah

london2012_pink.gifBy now probably everyone’s heard about it. The recently announced London 2012 Olympics logo has stirred up an incredible amount of negative emotions ranging from discontent to pure hatred. Positive opinions are rare and hard to find. London taxpayers are not only worked up about its appearance, which is clearly not in tune with current design trends, but also about the hefty price tag of £400,000 that design agency Wolff Olins attached to it.

In less than 2 days, an online petition has managed to collect over 48,000 signatures demanding the logo be changed. Hundreds of blogs and news sites are filled up with devastating commentary, and the British boulevard press is having a field day: The Sun is presenting a logo created by a monkey that actually looks better, some may argue.

The video originally posted on the official website to demonstrate the versatility of the logo had to be pulled, due to 22 reports of people having epileptic seizures induced by the flashing colors, as well as 5 migraines and one lonesome vomiter. Even London’s mayor Ken Livingston hates it, reportedly saying he “wouldn’t pay them a penny”.

In the meantime, Londoners have been busy creating their own Olympic logos that, while amateurish, do a better job at representing the London factor of the games.

The BBC has a behind-the-scenes look at the logo, highlighting a bit of the creative process and the reasons why the logo turned out the way it did.

You know, they say there is no such thing as bad press, but perhaps this is stressing it a bit too much? What are your thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Too much hassle over nothing? Let me know! Personally I still prefer the logo used during candidature.

3 Responses to “The London 2012 Olympics Logo: What A Mess”

  1. ChangetheLogo says:

    There is a new campaign for a second Olympic Logo to be designed by the public and voted for by the public!

    Im sure it will cost less then £400,000 and get a better result too! Hopefully it will be something the British people can be proud of!!

    The website at

  2. joao says:

    eish! that’s not a logo! It almost looked like a guy or disfigurated dog, but it seams like nothing to me.. only strange shapes.. what’s the point?

    Look at it for 5s and then draw it without looking at it… how do you recal this shapes without a meaning..

    I hate it. Bring the Monkey In.

  3. Kayzah says:

    I love Great Britain, I hate the logo.

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