The Million Dollar Homepage

October 11th, 2005 by Jerome Dahdah

Million Dollar HomepageSo you’re going to study, but you have no idea how you’re going to pay for it? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, here’s an interesting concept: provide a space of 1000×1000 pixels on a website, and sell each of those pixels for a dollar. That’s 1 million dollars. Sounds nuts?

21 year old student Alex Tew did exactly that. The Million Dollar Homepage lets you buy pixels in 10x10px units ($100) and advertise whatever you want in that space. Doesn’t sound like something many people would play along with, does it? I’d agree if it weren’t for the fact that Alex has already sold space worth $340,400. Even a major world-wide corporation can be found in the midst of what can only be described as a crazy patchwork.

So what’s Alex going to with all that money? Why, buy socks, of course! :)

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