W3C Slacking?

July 19th, 2006 by Jerome Dahdah

It seems like problems concerning the W3C are arising, new standards are going nowhere and our great fathers of the W3C are sleeping. At least, this is the impression Björn Höhrmann gives us in his public statement concerning his departure from the W3C. Well-known and respected standards evangelist Jeffrey Zeldman seems to agree and adds his comments:

Beholden to its corporate paymasters who alone can afford membership, the W3C seems increasingly detached from ordinary designers and developers.

To those of us who are concerned about standards to help guide the web in everyone’s best interest, I consider this is a worrying issue. I’m waiting to see how and if the W3C responds to these allegations.

Update: it appears there is a response on the W3C’s QA Weblog.


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