What is Web 2.0?

October 5th, 2005 by Jerome Dahdah

The term has been spooking around for the past weeks: Web 2.0.
What’s that, you ask? Wikipedia states:

“Web 2.0 refers to a perceived transition of the World Wide Web from a collection of websites to a full-fledged computing platform serving web applications to end users. The proponents of this thinking expect that ultimately Web 2.0 services will replace desktop computing applications for many purposes.”

Reading this, AJAX comes to mind, but also cross-website technologies such as RSS feeds. Things like Gmail and Flickr are good examples of the beginnings of Web 2.0. The recently unveiled Zimbra offers an advanced approach. Web-based office applications meant to replace your standard office are slowly rising and attacking monsters like Microsoft at their base.

Tim O’Reilly, founder of the famous computer book publisher O’Reilly, has written up an article explaining the implications of Web 2.0.

Better have a look, designers, because this is where the net is heading right now.

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