Stay up-to-date with the RSS Feed

RSS Feedsposition: absolute offers a handy RSS feed that helps you stay up-to-date with the latest articles without having to visit the site regularly. Copy and paste the following URL into your RSS reader‘s “subscribe” dialog:

What are RSS feeds?

RSS feeds let you stay up-to-date with website content without actually having to visit the sites constantly. All you need is a program called an “RSS reader”, and you’re set. You’re likely already using one (see below). The latest headlines are fed to the RSS reader of your choice as soon as they are posted here on position: absolute. Basically, this is like the newspaper that is delivered to your doorstep every morning. If you would like a more technical explanation, see the Wikipedia article.

So how do I subscribe?

You could use your web browser’s built in RSS support:

Your email client may support RSS:

Or you could download a fully featured RSS reader:

I prefer to use the light-weight Sage extention for Firefox, which I can style to my needs via CSS.

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